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Customers Improve Products, Reduce Costs With Taiwan Machines

Wellcam Machinery Corp., founded in December 1989, is one of Taiwan's specialist manufacturers of tapping and drilling machines. With an in-house R&D department, the company constantly pursues strengthening its product quality.

The company's major product lines include hydraulic tapping machines, vertical Pneumatic Tapping machines, universal Pneumatic Tapping machines, multi-spindle drilling machines, and collets. All the company's products have received safety certifications including the Germany TUV mark and the European CE mark.

Thanks to its long-term efforts to develop multi-functional tapping and drilling machines, the company has won a good reputation both at home and abroad. "Our products are reasonably priced and our quick after-sale services prove we deserve our good reputation, " notes company president Liu Shin-nan.

Wellcam says its air-tapping machine is specially equipped with an easy-to-operate interface to help customers increase production efficiency. Liu says his company has never stopped developing innovative, high-value-added products to meet the ever-changing demand of customers from around the world.

Recently, Wellcam debuted the new version of its vertical hydraulic tapping machine, which features higher productivity, stronger torque, and a wider working range than previous models. The company boasts the new machine can replace CNC machining centers for tapping work and that it is priced lower than CNC machines.

Wellcam says it now can make more than 80% of the key components for its tapping and drilling machines in-house, demonstrating its ability to control product quality. "In addition to talented R&D specialists and a strict quality-control system, we have also installed very advanced production equipment, " says Liu. "That's why we can make state-of-the-art machines with high performance and a zero-breakdown rate."

At present, the company uses the Wellcam brand to distribute its products worldwide, but orders on an OEM or ODM (original equipment/design manufacturer) basis are also welcomed. "As we have an experienced R&D department, we can make machines in accord with customers' specifications, " says Liu.

Thanks to the increased demand from foreign customers, the company has enjoyed substantial year-on-year sales growth over the past three years. The company's major export outlets include mainland China, Southeast Asian nations, European Union nations, and Canada.

With a work force of 17, Wellcam currently is capable of rolling out four vertical hydraulic tapping machines and 40 vertical air-tapping machines per month.

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