Vertical Hydraulic Tapping Machine HT-V Series


Vertical Hydraulic Tapping Machine

HT-20V / HT-24V / HT-36V

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Features for HT-Series:

  • HT-Series All series are using parts that comply with EU standards and get CE compliance certification.
  • HT-Series Module component designed that makes the maintenance easier.
  • HT-Series Simplified operation without any complicated adjustment for hydraulic pressure or speed control.
  • HT-20 & HT-24 Series Good for M12-M24 mass tapping process. Suitable for harder work pieces like medium-carbon steel, die steel, stainless steel. Varied of application covering the tapping for die set, valves, hydraulic valves, pneumatic valve, thicker steel plate, SS plate...,etc. Increase the production efficiency and production capacity.
  • HT-36 Series Suitable for tapping larger size, such as M16-M36, PT 3/4, PT 1”. Bigger tapping torque, stabilized processing, longer lifespan.
Model HT-20V  HT-24V  HT-36V 
Tapping Capacity M5-M20 M5-M24 M5-M36
Speed RPM  50 -500rpm 50 -350rpm 50-200rpm
Work Range  500 m/m-2000 m/m
Tapping Fixtures #2 - TC820 #3 - TC1433
Hydraulic Pressure 120 kg  150 kg 
Motor 5HP
Power Supply AC 220 / 380, 50 / 60  HZ, 3-PHASE
Table Size 850 m/m x 680 m/m x870 m/m
Package Size 1190 x 1190 x 1160 m/m (Wood Case)  
Net Weight 350kg
Gross Weight 450kg

Standard Accessories

  • Hydraulic tapping spindle
  • Neither hydraulic oil (R32 or R68) nor thread taps are included
  • Parallel arm
  • Table mounting column
  • Radial jib
  • Choose any six safety clutch tapping adapters
  • Work Table
  • Electric Motor, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Box
  • Electric - Controlled Device